How Line City in UAE is a Boon for Businesses
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How Line City in UAE is a Boon for Businesses

Have you ever imagined a city-like utopia? No, right, but it’s going to exist in the heart of UAE, called by the name “The Line city” which will run on 100% renewable energy with no roads, cars, or emissions. 95% of its land will be preserved for nature. It is a rapidly growing business hub that offers numerous advantages to businesses of all sizes. The city is designed to provide a supportive environment for startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses to thrive and succeed. In this blog, we will dig deep into how this city is going to help businesses.

What All Unique Aspects Line City will Have in UAE?

Here are some of the unique aspects of Line City: 

  1. Diversified Economy

Line City is a commercial center as well as an industrial hub. With its 9 million accommodations the city’s economy is diverse, with a focus on sectors such as technology, finance, hospitality, logistics, and healthcare. This diversification ensures that businesses can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities, making the city an appealing location for businesses looking to expand their operations.

  1. Quality of Life

As this city is in Heart of the UAE and the UAE is known for its high standard of living, then the line city will be no exception. For businesses and their employees, the city provides a calming and secure environment. Businesses and their employees can access a wide range of services thanks to the city’s modern amenities, which include shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The city’s pleasant weather and beautiful beaches also appeal to businesses looking to move their operations to a more desirable location. 

  1. Infrastructure and Connectivity

As Line City is strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, two major commercial centers in the UAE. The infrastructure of this city is going to be on another level because it will be going to be built on just 34 square kilometers. The city has excellent connectivity via highways and public transport, making it easy for businesses to access the local and international markets. Residents will also have access to all the facilities within a five-minute walk, because of the reduced infrastructure footprint, creating never-before-seen efficiencies in city functions. 

  1. Talented workforce

As line city is no joke and with approx, 9 million people accommodation, the city will require talented professionals in almost every field including technology, finance, marketing, and hospitality. Businesses can access a variety of skills and expertise from this diverse workforce, allowing them to innovate and expand. To help businesses continually upskill their staff and stay competitive, the city also provides a variety of training and development programs.


As Line city is in the building phase it will provide a supportive environment for businesses to grow and succeed. It’s a rapidly growing commercial hub. Because of its different features, it provides a quality of life, diversified economy, infrastructure, connectivity, etc it will be a boon for the business looking to expand their operations.

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